Thursday, October 13, 2011

Margaret Jenkins Dance Company Archival Inventory

The work that I am doing to create an archival inventory for the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company (MJDC) basically consists of making a list of the archival materials which the company might decide in the future to place in a repository such as a library or an archive. When I come across materials with preservation issues I make a note of the concerns. We will address the most pressing issues at the completion of the inventory. Below you can see some of the audio and video materials that I have been working with:

The images above were taken at the Museum of Performance and Design (MPD) where I have been working with most of the MJDC materials.  The head librarian has helped me to move boxes from the MJDC storage space to MPD so that I may easily consult with her if I have questions.  I also have access to archival boxes and other supplies that I can use if I need to rehouse materials.  It is also nice to have a place to work that is not a dusty storage space!

Even though it is a little bit dusty, the MJDC storage space is well organized.  I am grateful that I have had the help of the MJDC General Manager to reach the boxes on the top shelves though!  Below you can see the layout of the MJDC storage space which is located in the Mission District in San Francisco.

These images were created using a Flip camera which the Dance Heritage Coalition has generously loaned to me.  I will soon be getting a new camera of my own and I will share more images of my work once I have that up and running.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dance Heritage Coalition Fellowship

I am currently working with the Dance Heritage Coalition (DHC) as an Archival/Preservation Fellow to create an inventory of archival materials for the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company (MJDC) in San Francisco. This week I am working with audio materials, and over the past few weeks I have inventoried photos and videos.

The Museum of Performance and Design (MPD) generously provides me with a place to work and with access to their Head Librarian. I consult her for advice if I come across preservation issues with which I am unfamiliar, and she graciously provides transportation and manual labor to help me move boxes and materials from the MJDC storage space to MPD.

I will post some images of the materials and my work here over the next few weeks.