Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dance Heritage Coalition profile on Library as Incubator Project

As promised, here's my September post about the Dance Heritage Coalition for the Library as Incubator Project. Enjoy!


Let me know in the comments below what other performing arts libraries or organizations you think I should profile.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My post on Library as Incubator Project

At the recent ALA Annual conference in Anaheim, I had the good fortune to meet Erinn Batykefer who co-founded the Library as Incubator Project.  I have been a fan and a follower of the project on Twitter, and when I met Erinn in person she said they are always looking for new libraries that support the arts programming and collaborate with artists to feature on their blog.  One thing led to another.  I sent them a list of performing arts libraries and organizations, exchanged emails with Laura Damon-Moore and they invited me to write a couple of profiles for their blog!  The first post about the Performing Arts Library at the Museum of Performance and Design came out today (see the link below) and the next post about the Dance Heritage Coalition will go up in September.


What are your favorite libraries that support and encourage library-artist collaborations?

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Almost done with my MJDC work

I am nearing the end of my work with Margaret Jenkins Dance Company (MJDC).  I have completed the inventory of their papers, photos, videos, audio, costumes and other materials.  I spent the most time working with the videos as this was the largest part of their collection.  Most of them were in good shape, but there were several that MJDC cannot access because they no longer have the equipment to play certain formats like, for example, U-Matic tapes, Beta and half-inch open reel tapes.  

MJDC identified eight works by Margaret Jenkins which will be digitized and placed in the Dance Heritage coalition's Secure Media Network.  Because there is a loss of quality when videos are copied, I worked with MJDC to sort through their videos and find the most original recording of these performances, the master copy or archival original, to ensure that the digitized version will be of the highest quality.  These recordings will be digitized by the Bay Area Video Coalition.  Below are photos of some of the reel to reel video and audio formats that I found in the MJDC collection.